Contender #2: Cammish

The championship leader’s closest rival, Dan Cammish, talks teamwork, powering through and being a nuisance as we approach the final rounds of the 2019 Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship at Brands Hatch.

“The team gave me such a good car for the final race and we were a class above before the safety car came out. The problem then was it got progressively worse. The second they pitted under the safety car they tied my hands. I’d already passed the entrance and I knew after that it was too late for me to pit and I might as well keep going. For a long time it wasn’t massively different but the last few laps the track was flooded. 

“It was a really tough weekend for everyone, I think and it was getting desperate out there for a few people and I’m just going about my business. Those laps in those conditions could have been the ones that make the difference, so you have to give it everything. A few things didn’t go my way like the red flag 100 metres before the line, where I would have gained second. It cost me six points.

“I feel deflated but I’ll pick my head up, drive the wheels off the thing and go for it. It’s not a million miles away, 16 points. If you’d said that in the middle of the season, I wouldn’t have believed you. The team have done great, I’ve been consistent and we’ve put up a fight. The BMW is the fastest thing out there when it’s like for like – they’ve done a fantastic job. They’re still scrabbling around though, trying to get the job done. I’ll keep hanging in there and make myself a nuisance.”


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