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Circuit length:1.27 miles
Race Distance: –
First BTCC Race:1992
Qualifying Lap Record:Rory Butcher:50.451s (90.40mph)2019
Race Lap Record: Ashley Sutton:50.876s(89.65mph)2020
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The BTCC wouldn’t be the same without its annual visit to Scotland. Knockhill is located in Fife, just north of Edinburgh, and BTCC cars first raced there back in 1992. The track is one of the shortest on the calendar at just 1.27 miles, narrow and undulating, and its unique character is loved by fans and racers alike.

Amongst Knockhill’s defining features are the high kerbs that launch the BTCC cars onto two wheels as they try to find passing opportunities and faster lap times. This makes for some fantastic chances for keen photographers as well as a tough challenge for the engineers, who have to set up the cars to deal with the undulations Knockhill presents.



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