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The Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship enjoys unrivalled and unprecedented television coverage in the UK thanks to its long-standing partnership with the ITV television network.

ITV will continue to screen the BTCC live and free-to-air until at least 2022 after a new contract was signed between Britain’s biggest motor sport series and the UK broadcasting giant – making it the largest TV contract in the BTCC’s history and also the longest sports broadcasting contract into which ITV4 has ever entered.

The ITV network has broadcast the series since 2002 – with its coverage levels increasing hugely in recent seasons – and this latest contract will take the partnership into an incredible 20th year. The ITV network screened more than 230 hours of BTCC coverage in 2015.

With the existing term concluding at the end of this season, this new contract commences from 2017 and will see the network continue its current broadcast arrangements, which feature at least seven hours of live coverage from each race day. Highlights programmes will also continue to be aired on ITV4 and ITV, whilst qualifying will be shown via ITV’s dedicated BTCC website –

All transmissions will be streamed ‘as live’ via with highlights programmes available to watch via the newly launched ITV Hub. The ITV Hub App will also screen live coverage and highlights for mobile and tablet devices.

The BTCC also enjoys extensive coverage overseas, including CBS Sports Network screening highlights in North America. A multitude of networks such as Speed, ESPN and FOX are among those that ensures that Britain’s biggest motor sport series is broadcast across six continents throughout each season. Viewers in these regions should check local listings for latest broadcast dates and times.

The following programme schedules are provided by ITV and CBS Sports Network for each BTCC race weekend:

Brands Hatch Indy

Saturday 2 April 1530-1615

Sunday 3 April
ITV4: 1015-1815 (LIVE)
1015-1815 (LIVE)

ITV Hub App: 1015-1815 (LIVE)
ITV4 +1: 1115-1915

Saturday 9 April
ITV4: 1230-1400
ITV4 +1: 1330-1500

Sunday 10 April
ITV4: 0650-0815
ITV4 +1: 0750-0815

Wednesday 13 April
ITV: 2345-0100

Thursday 14 April
ITV +1: 0045-0200
CBS Sports Network: 2130-2300 (ET)

Thursday 19 May
CBS Sports Network: 0000-0100 (ET)

Visit the ITV Hub or to watch again

Donington Park

Saturday 16 April 1530-1615
ITV4: 1530-1615
ITV4 +1: 1630-1715

Sunday 17 April
ITV4: 1030-1815 (LIVE)
 1030-1815 (LIVE)

ITV Hub: 1030-1815 (LIVE)
ITV4 +1: 1130-1930

Saturday 23 April
ITV4: 1230-1400

ITV Hub: 1230-1400
ITV4+1: 1330-1500

Sunday 24 April
ITV4: 0645-0815
ITV Hub:  0645-0815
ITV4+1:  0745-0915

Wednesday 27 April
ITV1: 2345-0100

Thursday 28 April
CBS Sports Network: 1900-2000 (ET)
CBS Sports Network: 2200-2300 (ET)

Saturday 30 April
CBS Sports Network: 0700-0800 (ET)
CBS Sports Network: 1100-1200 (ET)

Thursday 19 May
CBS Sports Network: 1100-1200 (ET)

Visit the ITV Hub or to watch again


Saturday 7 May 1600-1650

Sunday 8 May
ITV: 1100-1820

Thursday 19 May
CBS Sports Network: 0100-0200 (ET)
CBS Sports Network: 0500-0600 (ET)
CBS Sports Network:
 2200-2300 (ET)

Saturday 14 May
Highlights: ITV4: 1350-1520
Highlights: ITV4+1: 1450-1620

Saturday 21 May
CBS Sports Network: 1100-1200 (ET)

Visit the ITV Hub or to watch again

Oulton Park

Saturday 4 June 1515-1600

Sunday 5 June
ITV: 1115-1740

Thursday 16 June
CBS Sports Network: 1900-2000 (ET)


Saturday 18 June 1600-1630

Sunday 19 June
ITV4: 1055-1730 (LIVE)
ITV Hub: 1055-1730 (LIVE)
ITV4+1: 1155-1830 1055-1730 (LIVE)

Thursday 30 June
CBS Sports Network: 1900 (ET)


Saturday 30 July 1545-1630

Sunday 31 July
ITV: 1030-1800 (LIVE)
ITV Hub: 1030-1800 (LIVE)
ITV4+1: 1130-1900 1030-1800 (LIVE)

Thursday 18 August
CBS Sports Network: 2100 (ET)


Saturday 13 August 1545-1630 (LIVE)

Sunday 14 August
ITV4: 1100-1815 (LIVE)
ITV4+1: 1200-1915 1100-1815 (LIVE)
ITV Hub: 1100-1815 (LIVE)

Saturday 20 August
ITV4 Highlights: TBC

Thursday 25 August
CBS Sports Network: 1900 (ET)


Saturday 27 August 1515

Sunday 28 August
ITV4: 1045-1745 (LIVE)
ITV4+1: 1145-1845 1045-1745 (LIVE)
ITV Hub: 1045-1745 (LIVE)

Saturday 3 September
ITV4 Highlights: 1630-1800
ITV4+1 Highlights: 1730-1900

Sunday 4 September
ITV4 Highlights: 1810-1925
ITV4+1 Highlights: 1910-2025

Wednesday 7 September
ITV1 Highlights: 0030-0140

Thursday 11 September
CBS Sports Network: 1500 (ET)


Saturday 17 September 1540-1620

Sunday 18 September
ITV4: 1100-1830 (LIVE)
ITV4+1: 1200-1930 1100-1830 (LIVE)
ITV Hub:
1100-1830 (LIVE)

Thursday 2 October
CBS Sports Network: 1500 (ET)

Brands Hatch GP

Saturday 1 October 1630-1715

Sunday 2 October
ITV4: 1030-1830 (LIVE)
ITV4+1: 1130-1930 1030-1830 (LIVE)
ITV Hub: 
1030-1830 (LIVE)

Thursday 9 October
CBS Sports Network: 1300 (ET)



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